Huckabee for President - From Sioux City to Sheldon

I spent yesterday campaigning in western Iowa visiting with voters at a number of great events. This morning we are headed from Sioux City to Sheldon in the campaign RV. We will attend an event there, and then head to Algona for a farmers event. I can tell you meeting with voters is energizing me and our team, especially after spending much of Monday bouncing from one media appearance to another.

Everywhere we go the enthusiasm we find for our country and our campaign among friends and strangers is exciting. Thanks for making this possible with all of your online support.

Let me quickly tell you where our new online goals stand:

1) 100 Volunteers: So far we have added 63 Volunteers from all over the country. We are 37 Volunteers away from our goal. I encourage you to consider spending two or three days in Iowa to help our team.

2) 1,000 people contacting over 3,000+ friends, family members and co-workers: So far 527 people have made over 1,700 contacts for us. We still need 473 people to participate. If you didn't have time on Tuesday or Wednesday to send a few emails out, I ask that you do so today. One of the biggest challenges to our campaign is growing our list of supporters. Sending three or more emails to friends, family members or co-workers is a way for you to help us overcome this challenge.

3) 400 contributions: So far we have had 171 online contributions in the last 36 hours. We are 229 contributions away from our goal. Remember the amount isn't as important as your participation. A contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $500 will help us reach our goal. The money you contribute will immediately be invested in our Iowa operation.

Remember we can meet these goals by tomorrow at midnight. To do so however, we will need your continued help. Please help us reach all three of these goals.

Thank you in advance and I will have another update for you soon.