Huckabee Post-Debate Update

Well that debate was definitely different. Gov. Huckabee hit every question out of the park but he wasn't asked nearly enough questions.

We'll talk more about the debate at some point this week; let me instead tell you what is happening online.

We have had a record day. We broke our website traffic record at 5:00pm ET and we are still climbing. We raised our single day goal of 300 contributions in 5 hours and we are at 361 contributions as I type this. As someone said on our blog, "I can remember a time not too long ago when it took 4 days to raise 400 contributions!"

Because we reached our goal so quickly, we are boosting the goal to 600 contributions. If you are considering making a contribution today, please do so before midnight (12 AM PT).

Given the actual amount of air time the Governor had at today's debate, we are clearly going to need the financial resources to cut through the media filter and speak directly with voters.

So please make a contribution today. Your support of $1 (a buck for Huck!), $5, $25, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 will help us reach our goal.

When 180 people make their first contribution to the campaign in a matter of hours there is clearly a sea change of momentum in Governor Huckabee's favor.

We have seen this for weeks in Governor Huckabee's rising poll numbers, now is the time for this campaign to see momentum in the form of online contributions.

If you are on the fence about making a contribution, I ask you to support us today before midnight with your first online contribution. Help us make a difference!

If you have already contributed today, thank you!

Now I ask you to please consider finding a friend or family member to make a contribution.

Let's hit tonight's fundraising goal out of the park.

Chip Saltsman
National Campaign Manager