Huckabee Stars, New Hampshire Presidential Debate and much more

I wanted to send you another quick update from the campaign headquarters before the weekend.

Yesterday, Governor Huckabee participated in the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was an important event and I have included links to some commentary and video from the event below.

On Monday Governor Huckabee participated in the Presidential Leadership Forum at the "Hope and Recovery Summit" to commemorate the second anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Looking ahead, on September 5, Fox News Channel and the University of New Hampshire are hosting a Republican Presidential debate. Please be sure to mark your calendars. I know the Governor is looking forward to another opportunity to address New Hampshire and the nation on the important issues challenging our country. In September the campaign will also ramp up our grassroots efforts nationally and increase our focus on the issues. As always, we hope you will be a part of our efforts.

Please enjoy your long weekend. I will email you another update soon.

Chip Saltsman
National Campaign Manager

In the News

1)  Newsweek:  Huckabee Stars as GOP Stumbles.  A look at yesterday's Cancer Forum

2)  MSNBC Video:  You can view three videos of Governor Huckabee from yesterday's event: here, here and here.

3)  National Review:  Another Man from Hope cover story.

4)  SC4Huckabee:  A Blogger for Huckabee hits the ground running.

5)  On the lighter side, Governor Huckabee's impression of Keith Richards.


Ways to help:

1)  Match Ames:  Help us reach our goal of 1,000 contributions by next Monday at midnight. Since Monday we have raised 219 contributions. A contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $250 will help us reach our goal. For contributions over $250 we will send you a signed copy of Governor Huckabee's latest book From Hope to Higher Ground.

2)  Social Networking:  Join our online communities on the Facebook and MySpace websites. These Social Networking websites are great ways for the campaign to reach new voters and supporters.

3)  eventful:  Demand a Mike Huckabee event near you. We recently created a Mike Huckabee page on the eventful website. Our hope is that eventful will help us organize Governor Huckabee's travel, give us insight into places the Governor should visit that we might not think of otherwise and help us gauge a level of support in various cities and towns around the country.