Independent Candidate Will Run for Senate in 2008

Loudon , NH - On Monday, Independent candidate Shawn Girard launched his 2008 Senatorial campaign to unseat beleaguered New Hampshire Senator John Sununu from the office he has held for the last five years.

“I think Senator Sununu has worked within the constraints allowed him by his party and his financial supporters, as most politicians do. We are facing real challenges, however, and New Hampshire voters are increasingly signaling their desire for real representation.” said the candidate, speaking from his home. “There are no solutions to be found in the major parties. There are more than two opinions in America today and I think voters are becoming too savvy to accept two sides of the same coin as their only choices.”

The candidate has vowed to rely on the support of New Hampshire citizens for funds and has posted a powerful challenge on his website ( ) aimed at his opponents.

The campaign website also offers data showing that, in 2002, Senator Sununu raised only 42% of his funding from the people of New Hampshire and Former Governor Jeanne Shaheen raised only 24% of hers from constituents.

Mr. Girard offered, “The simple fact is that those who claim to represent the people of New Hampshire are being funded by people and organizations outside of New Hampshire. When an important issue comes before The Senate, whose interest do you think these candidates will vote to support?”

Girard, a newcomer to politics expressed his goals, “I am committed to leaving my children an America to be proud of,” he said, “I have four children and we have been selling their future out from under them for years. I think it is time for a change.”

The candidate has worked in Information Technology management for the last 13 years and is currently Director of Information Technology at Residential Resources of Keene, NH, a human services industry serving clients with acquired and developmental disabilities.

He is a long time New Hampshire resident and lives in Loudon, NH.

If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Shawn Girard, contact at 603/573-4913 or