Introducing Nancy Pelosi and Newly Minted DC Insider Carol Shea-Porter

“After campaigning to represent the so called ‘other 99%’ Carol Shea-Porter has gone Washington with remarkable speed.” – Fergus Cullen, Chairman NH Republican State Committee

Shea-Porter Has Flip-Flopped On Receiving Campaign Help From Democratic Leadership

Earlier This Year, Shea-Porter Rejected Financial Assistance From Democratic Leadership. “Despite Democratic successes in last November's midterm, two rookie Democratic congresswomen already are rejecting financial assistance from their leadership, a striking move aimed at cultivating an independent image for voters back home. Reps. Nancy Boyda of Kansas and Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire have declined to participate in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's ‘Frontline’ program, which helps vulnerable members raise money early and receive logistical support for their re-election bids.” (Josh Kraushaar, “Two Democrats Refuse Party Cash,” Politico, February 21, 2007)

But This Week Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is Hosting A $250 A Head Fundraiser For Shea-Porter. “ has learned that the speaker will appear with Shea-Porter at a $250-a-person fund-raiser at a private home in Rye next Wednesday evening.” (John DiStaso, “Pelosi To Visit NH For Shea-Porter, Hodes,” Union Leader, July 31, 2007)

And Research Performed By The Majority Accountability Project Shows That Shea-Porter Is Receiving Frontline Money Anyway. “Shea-Porter reported receiving $25,000 from a host of Democrat leaders and committee chairs, including $14,000 from Hoyer, $4500 from Emanuel and $4000 from Pelosi. She also received $9500 in special interest dollars through the DCCC. FEC records show she also received thousands more in special interest PAC dollars, from the same political action committees giving to Frontline Program candidates. Shea-Porter often received those contributions on the same day as those members who publicly participated in the Frontline Program. All told, Shea-Porter received at least $63,700 in contributions also going to Frontline candidates.” (“Boyda, Shea-Porter Use Back Door To Frontline,” Majority Accountability Project, Posted July 26, 2008)

Shea-Porter Has Accepted Campaign Money From Lobbyists And PACs

Shea-Porter Has Received $67,400 In Campaign Contributions From Leadership PACs And Candidate Committees. (CQ MoneyLine Website,, Accessed August 7, 2007)

Shea Porter Has Received $8,650 In Campaign Contributions From Lobbyists And Lawyers. (Center for Responsive Politics,, Accessed August 7, 2007)