John Edwards for President Campaign Holds Health Care Policy Forum

(Manchester, NH) – The John Edwards for President campaign hosted a forum on health care policy today with National Campaign Manager Congressman David Bonior and Deputy Policy Director Heather McGhee. It was the last of five forums held across New Hampshire this week.

“New Hampshire voters are looking for substance, not sound bites,” said Bonior. “From ending the war in Iraq to fighting global warming to creating truly universal health care, Senator Edwards has proposed detailed policies and has led the way on every issue. These forums allow Granite Staters to learn more about his positions, and also to share their concerns and proposals.”

Thursday’s forum focused on Senator Edwards’ bold and detailed proposals to provide truly universal health care. Edwards is the only presidential candidate to offer a detailed plan for true universal health care that offers Americans the option of a public plan that will compete with private insurance companies. His plan cuts skyrocketing costs by focusing on preventive health care and supporting evidence-based medicine, abolishes the exclusion of pre-existing conditions and establishes mental health parity.

“There are 45 million Americans living without health care,” continued Bonior. “Senator Edwards knows that America can and must do better, and that’s why he has proposed the boldest, most detailed plan to provide truly universal health care for every man, woman and child in America.”

The five policy forums were held across New Hampshire from July 23rd to July 26th, and covered Edwards’ policies concerning Iraq, veterans’ issues, the environment, disability rights and health care. Participants in the forums included National Campaign Manager David Bonior, Senior Foreign Policy Adviser Michael Signer, Deputy Policy Director Heather McGhee, and adviser to the campaign General Gregory “Speedy” Martin.