John Edwards Weekly Backgrounder - September 7, 2007

Happy Friday from JEFP-NH, where in order to ensure that it maintains its rightful significance, we are moving Friday in front of Tuesday beginning next week.

The Week in Review

Elizabeth Edwards Visits New Hampshire, Discusses Edwards’ Pledge to Not Campaign in Rogue Early States

On Saturday and Sunday, we welcomed Elizabeth Edwards back to New Hampshire for her third trip to the state in a week. Mrs. Edwards attended house parties and supporter meetings in Exeter, Deerfield, Dover, Portsmouth, Henniker and Jaffrey and spoke about her husband’s decision to sign the four-state pledge promising not to campaign in any state, aside from NH, IA, NV and SC, that schedules a primary before February 5, 2008.

Foster’s Daily Democrat: Elizabeth Edwards Campaigns in Dover

Edwards Strategy Memo Finds NH Voters Undecided, Focused on Electability

With Labor Day behind us and the “traditional” campaign season in full swing, Global Strategy Group prepared a memo for the Edwards campaign assessing the landscape in New Hampshire and the campaign’s standing in the Granite State. The memo outlines the campaign’s total commitment of resources to New Hampshire, including the JEFP-NH field operation’s capacity to make 160,000 phone calls in a single event push – reaching almost two-thirds of the number of voters who voted in the primary in 2004. The memo also looks at Edwards’ strength as a general election candidate in head-to-head match-ups with the GOP frontrunners, aswell as the undecided nature of almost 90% of the NH electorate with four months left to go before the primary.

If you are interested in a copy of the memo, please email Kate Bedingfield at

Boston Globe: Edwards memo suggests NH voters are undecided, looking for electability

John Edwards Talks with New Hampshire Voters About Bold New Counterterrorism Plan

Today, John Edwards continues to drive the issues debate as he delivers a major foreign policy speech in New York City before flying to New Hampshire this evening to discuss his aggressive counterterrorism proposal with New Hampshire voters. The centerpiece of Edwards’ comprehensive plan will be a new multilateral organization called the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization, which will allow member nations to voluntarily share financial, police, customs and immigration intelligence. Edwards has offered the most specific counterterrorism agenda of any candidate in the race to date. Edwards Leads with 9/11 Specifics

To hear Edwards talk about his proposal this evening, join us in Hillsborough for a house party with New Hampshire voters.


Hillsborough House Party

Curtis Residence

Hillsborough, NH

7:40pm – Press availability

The Week Ahead

Next week, look for some announcements from JEFP-NH about the new and innovative ways we are using technology to reach out to New Hampshire voters. Also, we look forward to welcoming Edwards’ national campaign manager Congressman David Bonior back to New Hampshire for a creative and environmentally-conscious weekend of Graniteroots for John Edwards canvassing. Look for more information this week on next weekend’s extravaganza!

And tune in to WKXL 1450 tomorrow at noon! John Edwards will be a guest on WXKL’s “On the Campaign Trail,” where he will talk about the endorsements he has earned this week from the Carpenters’, Steelworkers’, Mine Workers’ and Transport Workers’ unions.