Kucinich in NH

Presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be in NH August 15th and 16th. His itinerary while in NH is being worked out but I wanted to let you know for purposes of planning your schedule.

·       The congressman from Ohio is taking a lead in questioning Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in the DOD cover up in the death of Mr. Tillman and that has been widely noted; Kucinich continues pushing to hold high ranking elected officials accountable.

·       Kucinich support among voters continues to grow as his position on climate change and global warming are becoming known, in fact he out-polls Democratic front-runners.

·       The US can withdraw troops and create stability in the Middle East; the Kucinich 12 point plan (HR 1234) is a viable option. Congressman Kucinich has voted against the war from the very beginning in 2002. No other candidate has opposed the war 100% of the time.

·       Kucinich legislation for a single payer not-for-profit health care system, HR 676, is still being called the ‘Gold Standard’ by NH director of PHNP (Physicians for National Health Care Plan).

·       Dennis believes that American foreign policy should be founded on the principle of peace and not submission to power. Dennis Kucinich advocates a new era in American history led by a new foreign policy – Strength through Peace.


He has a lot to talk about.





Chris Collier
NH Media / Communication
Kucinich for President 2008