Manchester Republican Committee Applauds Mayor Guinta's Public Safety Results

17% reduction in violent crime has opponents on their heels and stretching the truth

Manchester , NH –The Manchester Republican Committee today applauded Mayor Guinta’s result driven agenda on Public Safety, while calling into question the Mayor’s opposition claims and negative attacks.

“Tom Donavan should stop his fact deficient attacks on Mayor Guinta. The truth is that Mayor Guinta’s proposals, plans and hardwork, have done more in eighteen months to curb violent crime and enhance the public safety of Manchester residents, than the previous administration had done in six years. An administration, I might add, that had a 55 percent increase in violent crime and was led by former Mayor Bob Baines, who advises and leads as Mr.Donovan’s campaign chairman.” said Manchester Republican City Committee Chairman Jerry Thibodeau

“Mayor Guinta is committed to increasing public safety for all Manchester residents; it is something he focused on as an Alderman, as candidate for Mayor, and now the Chief Executive of our city. Mr. Donovan’s claims against the Mayor and accusations that our police department is poorly trained are outlandish. Mr.Donavan should be ashamed of using baseless claims to buoy what is obviously a sinking campaign.” continued Jerry Thibodeau

“While Mr. Donovan chooses to narrowly focus on to two statistical numbers, the truth is that Mayor Guinta has reduced violent crime 17% this year and almost 10% since taking office. For that he and the fine men and women that protect our city should be applauded,” concluded Chairman Thibodeau