Marchand says Sen Sununu Calls for More of the Same in Iraq, Economy

(NEW CASTLE, NH)—Speaking at a New Castle Town Republican Committee fundraiser Thursday, John Sununu called for a continuation of President Bush’s failed policies in Washington.

Touting “the principles, the philosophies, [and] the beliefs” he shares with Bush, Sununu called for more of the Bush agenda in 2008.

“The Sununu-Bush agenda has produced the war in Iraq, a record national debt, and millions more uninsured Americans,” said U.S. Senate candidate, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand. “Americans don’t want more of the same. We can’t afford more of the same.

“We need a change in leadership and positive change is exactly what I’ll deliver in the U.S. Senate.”

Recent polling from the University of New Hampshire shows Marchand and Sununu in a statistical dead heat.

Steve Marchand is the Mayor of Portsmouth, NH. He is the former Northeast Director of the Concord Coalition and Associate State Director of AARP New Hampshire. His campaign website is