Mayor Frank Guinta Announces Enhanced Graffiti Action Plan for City of Manchester

MANCHESTER (August 13, 2007) – Mayor Frank Guinta announced on Monday that he has developed a graffiti action plan that builds upon previous efforts undertaken by the city.

“Through these action items, we will be stepping up our efforts at will begin the process of curtailing and eliminating graffiti in our city,” Guinta said. “Graffiti is obviously not something new in our city. It has been a problem for years and has proven to be very difficult to prevent. It is also a small, low priority crime to most people and seems inconsequential. However, it is the small crimes that lead to the big ones, and encourages more serious crimes. ”

The following are the areas of focus this action plan will address:

Graffiti Task Force: The task force will consist of city staff, business leaders, property owners, community activists and elected officials.

Communications/Marketing: The Graffiti Task Force and the Economic Development Office will work with the Police Department, Weed & Seed, the Planning Department, the Office of Youth Services and the Highway Department to better promote existing graffiti services.

Awareness: Some residents don’t recognize that graffiti is a property crime that defaces and depreciates both public and private property. The Graffiti Task Force will to work with Manchester Crime Line to raise awareness that graffiti is a crime that must be taken seriously.

Outreach: The Task Force will work with local and regional businesses to make it harder to obtain the supplies of the graffiti trade.

Murals: Recent studies have shown that the creation of murals in specific graffiti hot zones reduces graffiti vandalism due to respect for a fellow artist. The Task Force will work with Weed & Seed and the area schools to establish a series of appropriate wall murals.