Mayor Guinta Announces Honorary Co-Chairs

Wieczorek and Beaulieu Say Vote Guinta for Mayor

MANCHESTER – Mayor Frank Guinta continues his campaign momentumwith the announcement of former Manchester Mayors Ray Wieczorek and Emile Beaulieu as honorary co-chairs for his re-election effort. Both Mayors played integral roles in Guinta’s 2005 election victory.

“I am proud to stand with Mayor Guinta for re-election”.said former Mayor Ray Wieczorek “For the first time this decade, we have a strong focus on neighborhood revitalization, and changing the debate from spending at all levels, to reducing taxes for all taxpayers. Mayor Guinta has reestablished responsible budgeting and has been a real tax fighter inside city hall. The culture of budgeting in Manchester is now about saving our dollars for the most important projects impacting the city as a whole”.

Mayor Guinta provided two consecutive budgets that proposed tax reduction for Manchester citizens, a first in almost eight years. The Mayor’s steadfast tax policyand fiscal discipline has changed the debate from increases in the budget, to a shift in who can reduce taxes and spending faster. This is a significant victoryfor the citizens of Manchester and the vision shared by the former Mayors and Mayor Guinta.

Former Mayor Emile Beaulieu agrees to the need to stay the course with Mayor Guinta’s vision. “Mayor Frank Guinta has been a steadfast supporter of the important issues that affect Manchester residents”. said former Mayor Emile Beaulieu “He made public safety a top priority, and has kept a watchful eye over the taxpayers’ money during the past two years. That is the one-two combination needed to bring Manchester strong into the future.”

“I am honored to once again have former Mayors Wieczorek and Beaulieu by my side”. said Mayor Frank Guinta. “These men have demonstrated a deep commitment to helping our community and share myvision for a better Manchester. I look forward to continue working with them to build upon our success”.