Mayor, major community leaders to make major announcement regarding superintendent search

MANCHESTER (August 24, 2007) – At 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 28, 2007, Mayor Frank Guinta, members of the Board of School Committee, and business, education and community leaders, will be on hand for an important announcement. This announcement will be held at the offices of School Administrative Unit 37; 286 Commercial St.; Manchester.

“The recent resignation of Superintendent Michael Ludwell effective at the end of the upcoming school year leaves the School District at a critical juncture regarding the future of the education of Manchester’s children,” Guinta said. “We have a unique opportunity to set a new tone in Manchester, one that puts our district at the forefront of education in our region. I firmly believe that our school district must achieve more than mere adequacy, but must excel in all areas of education. Therefore, I am forming an eight-person committee to provide a community-wide evaluation of what the city needs in its next superintendent if we are to achieve such lofty goals.”

The Needs Assessment Advisory Committee will convene immediately and meet regularly. The committee is tasked with speaking to all peoples with a stake in the future of education: students, parents, teachers, school administrators and area businesses. The committee will then form an assessment to be provided to the Manchester School Board in November. The report will be a non-partisan assessment, representative of the needs of the people of Manchester.

“We have the opportunity to determine our future as a district by fairly assessing the needs of our district, using that information as a key factor in the search for the next leader of our city schools,” Guinta said. “The people of Manchester should be excited about this opportunity ... it will finally move us away from political bickering at the School Board and toward providing a better education for our children. What more could we hope for?”