McCain NH State Co-Chair Nancy Merrill On WKXL-AM

Excerpts From WKXL Concord “On the Campaign Trail”
June 29, 2007

Nancy Merrill On Her Move From The Republican National Committee To The McCain Campaign:

“I am very excited to get back on the ground and involved in a campaign for a candidate that I really believe in.” (WKXL 1450, “On the Campaign Trail,” 6/29/07)

Nancy Merrill On Her Role In The McCain Campaign :


“[Grassroots campaigning is] what I like to do the most and it’s what I look forward to doing. I truly enjoyed working with and helping to build the networks in [McCain’s] campaign in 2000 … and I look forward to getting back involved with that.” (WKXL 1450, “On the Campaign Trail,” 6/29/07)

Nancy Merrill On What Sen. McCain Will Do To Grow His Support:

“You will see him doing what he did in 2000, he loves New Hampshire and the New Hampshire primary and is a strong supporter of it. You’ll see him on the ground talking to people doing events, town hall meetings.” (WKXL 1450, “On the Campaign Trail,” 6/29/07)

Listen to the interview on WKXL-Concord “On the Campaign Trail.”