Missed Deadlines - Seven Years of Tax Increases

MANCHESTER – The Manchester Republican Committee reacted to today’s announcement by Alderman-at-Large Mike Lopez not to seek the office of Mayor. The Manchester GOP feels confident with Mayor Frank Guinta to lead top of ticket, while the Manchester Democratic Party are still scrambling to find credible opposition to Mayor Guinta’s successful term in office.

“After seven years of tax increases, and record of obstructionism, we concur with Alderman Lopez that his stated decision not to run was indeed the best decision for the citizens of Manchester,” said MRC Chairman Jerry Thibodeau.

With Mayor Frank Guinta’s record of reaching out and working with Democrats and Independents, along with Republicans, it is no wonder credible opposition is hard to come by.

“We believe the lack of a credible opponent and failure to meet several self-imposed deadlines to find those candidates further provides evidence that it is simply hard to argue with what works” continues Thibodeau. “What works is Frank Guinta as Mayor.

“Furthermore, the Manchester Democrats’ consistent record of tax increases and unsound spending practices further proves Mayor Guinta’s policies of cutting our taxes and balancing our books are what the taxpayers of the QueenCity have wanted all along,” said MRC Communications Director Roger Wilkins.