MySpace/MTV Presidential Candidate Dialogues

My client MySpace is partnering with MTV to launch the Presidential Candidate Dialogues , live events where individual presidential candidates will answer questions fromyoung people through MySpace and

With a community of over 100 million members, MySpace is joining with MTV to give a voice to the youth audience on the road to the ’08 election. Traveling to college campuses nationwide, the first stop will be in New Hampshire, a key swing state in the race since the 90’s. Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post, pollsters John McLaughlin and Geoffrey Garin, and Gideon Yago, an MTV News Correspondent, will be facilitating the first town hall at the University of New Hampshire with John Edwards next Thursday, September 27, at noon. They will be guiding the real-life conversation as it happens based on online feedback from viewers.

In total, eleven presidential candidates, including Clinton, Obama, Giuliani and Romney, have agreed to participate in individual dialogues with MySpace and MTV users at events across the country throughout the Presidential primary season. Together, the top presidential candidates have more than 600,000 friends on MySpace. And on average, MySpace users are 2.5 times as likely to interact with a public official or candidate online and nearly 50 percent more likely to view politically-oriented video online compared to other Internet users.

In these forums, the live audience and online viewers will be steering the conversation by:

  • Submitting questions to the candidates via MySpace,, IM;
  • Rating the candidates' responses through integrated polling technology in real-time;
  • Pushing the candidates for real answers if they felt an issue hasn't been addressed.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss the MySpace/MTV PresidentialCandidates Dialogues with MySpace, MTV or the Edwards campaign. In addition, let me know if you are interested in attending the event.

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Jenna Kozel

EdelmanPublic Relations Worldwide