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Maps Change How We See The World is an informational website started by collegestudents interested in engaging the grassroots and netroots both online and“on the ground” in communities across the country. NetrootsNetwork seeks to map where the battles for our daily freedoms and rightsare, so that citizens can fight effectively to preserve them. To view acoast-to-coast map of recent video from March 17 Protests, click here.

ACTIVISTS: Build Event/Issue Maps with Netroots!

Put your issues on a map! As an citizen activist, you can probably nameseveral examples of, say, where academic freedom is threatened atUniversities. You can name all the 'free-speech zoned' campuses across thecountry at CSU Long Beach, Berkeley, NYU, Florida State, etc. But have youshown them to people on a map? Here's an example of our Map of Election Fraud and Irregularities fromNovember 2006. Take a look, click on the map points to learn more. Doesthat change how you feel about the issue? is seeking activists to help us revolutionize theway we use the internet to change our world, improve our politicalsituation, preserve our academic freedom and help grassroots movementsthrive! We want you to map out where the issues are! Here’s how you can help!



Before we can fix problems, we need to know where they are!’s interactive text and video maps can helpshow you where grassroots and netroots efforts can have a directimpact on important issues such as academic freedom, elections, andcorruption. As a registered user at, you can create an interactive map of issuesimportant to you, add information to the maps of others, andshare this information with others.

NetrootsNetwork has compiled maps of election fraud and irregularityincidents from 2006, a map of the attorneys involved in the USAttorney/Gonzales Scandal, as well as a map of election fraud cases broughtto court in 2006 and 2007.

ACT! wants to hear your story, share your passions,and show others what you’ve done to protect your democracy. Are youplanning a protest? Did you go to an anti-war protest and take some video?Want to see others who did? Check out our coast-to-coast video map of March 17thAnti-war/Anti-Bush protests.