New Bill Richardson Ad Calls For All US Troops Out of Iraq

SANTA FE, NM -- Today, Governor Bill Richardson's Presidential campaign went on air in Iowa with a timely new television ad titled "Stand Up". In the ad Governor Richardson reiterates his call to get all US troops out of Iraq and for Congress to stand up to President Bush.

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"Governor Richardson knows all too well the pain of the families of fallen soldiers and the human toll the war is taking on our communities and our country. The Governor's own state of New Mexico has lost 31 soldiers. Iowa has lost 45 soldiers," said Richardson campaign manager Dave Contarino. "Congress must stand up to a President who has put our brave military men and women in an impossible situation refereeing a civil war. Our troops are targets- viewed as occupiers. If George Bush doesn't get them out, as President, Bill Richardson will. Every last one of them. These commercials reinforce that point."

The commercial began running today on broadcast affiliates and cable systems in Iowa, and were produced by Steve Murphy and Mark Putnam of Murphy Putnam Media in Alexandria, Virginia.

To view Governor Richardson's bold plan for Iraq, go to: