New Hampshire for Edwards Weekly Backgrounder, August 10th

Happy Friday from JEFP-NH, where we were refusing campaign donations from federal lobbyists and PACs before it was cool.

The Week in Review

Edwards Unveils Smart and Safe Trade Policy

This week, John Edwards proposed his plan for “smart and safe” trade policies that will benefit working and middle class families instead of just big multinational corporations. Edwards announced that as president, he will support trade policies that give workers a level playing field. He will insist on pro-worker provisions in new deals, hold trade partners to their commitments, invest more in dislocated workers and communities, and ensure that imports are safe. Edwards also discussed his belief that the U.S. should not enter any new trade deals that do not meet these tests.

Read about the Edwards Smart and Safe Trade Policy here:

C oncord Monitor: Edwards blasts '93 NAFTA deal

WKXL “On the Campaign Trail”: Congressman David Bonior

Edwards national campaign manager and former Congressman David Bonior also discussed smart and safe trade in an interview with WKXL’s Chris Ryan for this week’s edition of “On the Campaign Trail.” “On the Campaign Trail” airs tomorrow at noon and can also be heard at

Edwards Announces “Fighting for One America” New Hampshire Bus Tour

JEFP-NH announced Thursday that John and Elizabeth Edwards are planning a jam-packed, four day bus tour across New Hampshire Thursday, August 23rd-Sunday, August 26th. On this grassroots tour of the Granite State, Edwards will talk with New Hampshire voters about his commitment to eliminating lobbyist influence in Washington, providing truly universal health care, and working to end global warming and end our reliance on foreign oil. Edwards will bring his message of change to towns throughout the state that don’t often see candidate visits.

Members of the New Hampshire media interested in joining the bus tour should contact Kate Bedingfield at, or 603-218-9838.

The Week Ahead

Next week, look for announcements from the Edwards campaign as we continue to grow our support here in New Hampshire. And spots are filling up quickly on the August 23rd-26th bus tour! RSVP to and book your spot now.