New Hampshire SEIU Endorses John Edwards

New Hampshire is the 12th SEIU State Council to endorse Edwards so far

(Manchester, NH) – The New Hampshire State Employees’ Association (SEIU local 1984), representing 10,000 workers in New Hampshire, endorsed John Edwards for president today, citing his long history supporting organized labor and working men and women across America.

"John Edwards earned our support because he has always stood up for hardworking Americans, and because he has the strongest commitment to providing truly universal health care for all,” said New Hampshire SEA President Gary Smith. “Edwards is a fighter for workers trying to capture the American Dream. He is the strongest candidate to win in the general election and bring real change in Washington. We look forward to doing all we can to support him here in New Hampshire and across America."

With New Hampshire SEA’s endorsement, Edwards has earned the support of SEIU State Councils representing 1.03 million SEIU rank and file members, over five times the SEIU support of any other candidate. This brings his total support to over 3.1 million union members nationwide.

“Labor unions are the greatest anti-poverty program in American history, and I’m extremely proud to have New Hampshire SEA’s endorsement,” said Edwards. “As president, I’ll provide truly universal health care, make it easier for workers to organize, and end the corruption in Washington and put our government back to work for regular, hardworking Americans.”

New Hampshire SEA joins eleven other states, including California, Iowa, and Massachusetts in endorsing Edwards. This endorsement means that all 12 of those State Councils can now engage SEIU members in New Hampshire. This also means that SEIU State Councils from states that have endorsed other candidates cannot use their resources to campaign in NewHampshire.