NH Advantage Coalition Rallies Supporters Against HB927

Concord,NH - Amid a crowd of sign-waving New Hampshire citizens concerned over the potential for an income tax and the loss of local control of schools, New Hampshire Advantage Coalition held a rally on the State House steps in Concord on Wednesday morning urging legislators to stand up to the courts and reject HB927, the bill that defines an “adequate education” at the demand of NewHampshire’s Supreme Court.

“This legislature needs to stand up to the Courts and tell them they will not allow the Court to dictate education policy for the children of New Hampshire,”commented Tammy Simmons, Executive Director of NHAC. “Legislators swear to uphold the NH Constitution when they take the oath of office and that would include respecting the separation of powers.”

"Any fifth-grader taking social studies will tell you, the legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch administers the laws, and the judicial branch interprets those laws. Unfortunately, this vital system of checks and balances has proven anything but elementary to the New Hampshire Supreme Court," said former Representative Paul Mirski.

"We all know that the judicial branch cannot make laws nor can they force this legislature to do anything. So why we are putting New Hampshire on a runaway train that is heading to an income tax and the loss of local control just to appease the courts?" said Representative Paul Ingbretson.

Members of the NHAC and activists across the state were anxiously awaiting to see if the legislature was willing to do the right thing - reject an income tax and protect the NH advantage when they vote on the bill later in the day.

For more information please contact: Tammy Simmons, Executive Director, the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (603)-235-9998 (cell) , or write: tsimmons@thenhadvantage.com