NH Democrats Took Money From Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Norman Hsu

CONCORD – Norman Hsu, whose campaign donations to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign are being returned, also contributed to New Hampshire Democrats last year.

According to followthemoney.org, Hsu contributed $2,000 to Gov. John Lynch last year and $5,000 to the New Hampshire Democrat Senate Caucus PAC. In addition, Winkle Paw, one of the many people who lived at a house owned by Hsu and whose contributions have drawn scrutiny, also gave Gov. Lynch $2,000 last year.

Hsu’s contribution to the Senate Democrats is listed on the PAC’s September 20, 2006 filing in the NH Secretary of State’s office. Paw’s donations are listed on page 88 of Gov. Lynch’s August 21, 2006 campaign finance report on file at the Secretary of State’s office and available online.

“The question I have is this: How did a fugitive New York financier and a family from San Francisco get hooked up with Gov. Lynch, Sen. Silvia Larson, and Ray Buckley last year? This money didn’t just arrive out of the blue.”

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301