NH Department of Corrections Steps Up Offender DNA Collection

Concord , N.H. ) The New Hampshire Department of Corrections will send a representative to its Division of Field Services District Offices in the months ahead to collect DNA samples from offenders supervised on probation or parole that meet the provisions RSA 651-C, "DNA Testing of Criminal Offenders." The law requires a DNA analysis of anyone convicted of sexual or violent offenses prior to the completion of their sentence.

"The Department has accelerated offender DNA collection of newly admitted inmates since the enactment of the law," said Mrs. Les Dolecal, Assistant Corrections Commissioner.

"The Department is now collecting DNA from those under supervision by Correctional staff in the community," Assistant Commissioner Dolecal added.

The Department uses a swab method, in which a sample is collected from the interior of the mouth of the offender. The sample is then placed in a protective package and hand delivered to the New Hampshire State Police Crime Laboratory, which conducts an analysis of the sample with the results posted on a national criminal database. Once posted, the information can be accessed by law enforcement officials during the investigation of a crime.

"The technology is now available to us to allow for the efficient collection of large DNA quantities during group sessions," Assistant Commissioner Dolecal said.

This is the first time the Department has collected DNA samples in its District Offices.