NH DOC announces Two Women to Receive High School Diplomas in Prison

Goffstown , NH ) Two inmates at the New Hampshire State Prison for Women in Goffstown will be the first women to obtain high school diplomas while incarcerated. They will graduate on August 17, 2007 during a 9:00 a.m. ceremony.

Granite State High School is a fully accredited high school located at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord .

For the first time, teachers from Concord provided classes in Goffstown in conjunction with the education program already in existence there. While General Education Development (GED) tests are available to inmates at all facilities, some choose to obtain a full high school diploma.

"For the first time we have been able to effectively use our available resources and provide high school curricula to female offenders," Commissioner William L. Wrenn said.

"This is an important step forward for the female population and in line with the Department's focus on re-entry into the community and providing all offenders with tools to be successful when they are released," Commissioner Wrenn added.

An additional six women are participating in the program and on track to obtain the necessary credits to graduate in 2008.