NH Environmental Leader Alice Chamberlin to Co-Chair Environmental Leaders for Hillary

MANCHESTER, NH – Following Senator Hillary Clinton’s participation in the Seacoast Media Group’s Presidential Forum on energy and the environment in Portsmouth, NH, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced the endorsement of noted environmental expert Alice Chamberlin. Chamberlin joins the campaign as a Co-Chair of Environmental Leaders for Hillary.



“As this critical time our nation’s history, we need a leader who understands the importance of developing strategies for energy independence and environmental protection. I believe Hillary Clinton is that leader,” said Alice Chamberlin. “Senator Clinton’s plan to develop a Strategic Energy Fund for research, development, and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency is clear indication of her commitment to these issues.”



At yesterday’s forum focused on energy and the environment yesterday, Senator Hillary Clinton announced that as part of her plan to address global warming, she would create a “Green Building Fund” (GBF).  Through the fund, the federal government would allocate $1 billion annually to states to make grants or low-interest loans to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, such as schools, police stations, firehouses and offices. The GBF will create as many as 50,000 new “green collar” jobs.  



“I am honored that Alice will advise the campaign as we work to move toward energy independence and ensure we leave a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren,” said Senator Hillary Clinton. “Her expertise on these very critical issues is an asset to the campaign.”



Since 2004, Chamberlin served as a Special Policy Advisor to Governor John Lynch on environment, energy and transportation. She served as the the Commissioner to the International Joint Commission from 1994-2001; as an Environmental Policy Assistant to the late Governor Hugh Gallen of New Hampshire; as the Executive Director of the Environmental Law Council at Franklin Pierce Law Center, and as an Adjunct, part-time Faculty Member of the School of Environmental Studies at Antioch Graduate School. She has served as Chairman of the Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire and as a member of the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Citizens Committee.