NH for Hillary Announces Key Endorsements of Senators Kathy Sgambati and Maggie Hassan

Senators Support Clinton’s American Health Choices Plan to Provide Healthcare to Every American;

Pair will lead state effort to champion Hillary’s health proposals

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, as Senator Hillary Clinton details her American Health Choices Plan to cover every American with healthcare while lowering costs and improving quality, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign announced that leading state healthcare advocates Senators Kathy Sgambati of Tilton and Maggie Wood Hassan of Exeter have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

“I am honored to have the support of these two incredible women,” said Senator Clinton. “The combination of experience, passion and commitment to healthcare Senators Hassan and Sgambati have to offer will be critical to my campaign and to ensuring New Hampshire families always have a voice in the White House when I am president,” said Clinton.

Senators Hassan and Sgambati bring decades of healthcare advocacy and legislative leadership to the NH for Hillary campaign and will help lead a statewide effort to talk with Granite State families about Senator Clinton’s plan to cover every American with healthcare as well as her lifelong record of fighting for children and families.

“Hillary Clinton has a strong vision for the future of this nation and she has been a lifelong advocate for America’s children and families,” said Senator Sgambati, who represents New Hampshire’s 4th State Senate District. “I believe she is the most qualified candidate to repair our health care system and to ensure every American has affordable, quality healthcare.”

Senator Sgambati was elected to the New Hampshire Senate in 2006. She served as Deputy Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services for over 25 years. During her time as Deputy Commissioner, Sgambati was instrumental in designing and introducing the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Kid's Cabinet. She is also credited with developing a welfare reform program that focused on helping recipients achieve independence and secure stable employment.

“As an advocate, First Lady, and United States Senator Hillary Clinton has worked to improve healthcare, security and the quality of life for America’s children and families for 35 years,” said Senator Hassan, who represents New Hampshire’s 23rd State Senate District . “Hillary Clinton is uniquely qualified to deliver the change we need.”

Senator Hassan, a practicing attorney, was first elected to the New Hampshire Senate in 2004 and reelected in 2006. Her legislative priorities include expanding access to health insurance, improving education, expanding New Hampshire’s economy, addressing homeland security and disaster preparedness, expanding alternative energy production, and tackling disability issues.

Hassan has long been involved in community and civic activities. She served on the Advisory Committee to the Adequacy in Education and Finance Commission and on the boards of Community Developmental Services and the Disabilities Rights Center.

Since leaving DHHS Sgambati has worked as a consultant, concentrating her efforts on foster care, children and youth services, developmental services, after school care development, and health care reform. She has also managed the Citizens' Health Initiative launched by Governor John Lynch.

Hassan and Sgambati are the fifth and sixth New Hampshire State Senators to endorse Hillary for President. Previous endorsements include Senate President Sylvia Larsen and Senators Betsi Devries of Manchester, Molly Kelly of Keene and Deb Reynolds of Plymouth.