MANCHESTER – The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced that Lillye Ramos Spooner of Epsom, NH will serve on the campaign’s National Hispanic Leadership Council and its Executive Committee, demonstrating the Senator’s growing support among the Hispanic community in New Hampshire.

The Executive Committee is comprised of national and local leaders from across the country, including Ramos Spooner, who is Executive Director of the Greater Manchester AIDS Project. The Committee will serve as an advisory board for the campaign on issues important to the Latino community and will play an active role reaching out and organizing Hispanics in their communities and across the country.

“I am proud to be a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign here in New Hampshire. She has continued to demonstrate a deep understanding of issues that directly impact the Hispanic community,” said Ramos Spooner, who will also serve on the New Hampshire for Hillary Latino Steering Committee. “I am eager to share Senator Clinton’s vision for the future of our country.”

The first Hispanic woman to be appointed to the New Hampshire commission on the Status of Women, Ramos Spooner has lived in New Hampshire for more that 20 years. Ramos Spooner has been involved in mobilizing Latinos, especially women, to resister and vote. She was the first Latina to serve on the Executive Committee of the NH Democratic Party.

“I am honored to be joined by so many leaders that have dedicated their lives to advocating for better education for our children, access to health care, civil and voting rights and advancing economic opportunities not only for Latinos, but for all Americans,” Clinton said. “With their support, we will continue taking our message of change across the country.”

A USA Today/Gallup poll released this week found that among Hispanic voters, Hillary Clinton leads the primary field by 46 points. Hillary Clinton has fought for many issues important to the Latino community, including education, health care, economic opportunities and a fair and humane immigration reform.