NH for Hillary: By the Numbers Campaign Update

Over the past two weeks, Hillary made her 10th and 11th trips to the Granite State traveling to Keene, Nashua, Manchester and Portsmouth.

On Friday, July 13, for the first time since she started campaigning here, she was accompanied by President Bill Clinton on their “Ready for Change, Ready to Lead” tour. The Clintons’ were met by thousands of NH voters at every stop – a testament to the wide-spread support Hillary has earned throughout the state and the great work of the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign.

On Tuesday, July 24, Hillary participated in Seacoast Media Group’s forum on energy and the environment. During the event, Hillary reiterated her commitment to working toward energy independence and combating global warming. She also laid out plans for the development of a Green Building Fund.

The NH campaign continues to move full steam ahead, reaching out to voters and preparing for upcoming events like our next “Walk it to Win it Weekend,” July 28-29. Last week we announced the endorsement of education leader Karen McDonough, who led the NH NEA for 16 years. We also announced that environmental policy expert Alice Chamberlin will serve as the Co-chair of Environmental Leaders for Hillary.

Keep checking the New Hampshire for Hillary website, www.hillaryclinton.com/nh , to stay current on campaign news. Hillary’s next trip will be announced very soon. Stay tuned for details!

$1 Billion per year for a Green Building Fund: At the Seacoast Media Group’s Presidential Forum on energy and the environment, Hillary announced plans for the development of a “Green Building Fund” (GFB). Through the GFB, the federal government would allocate $1 billion annually to states to make grants or low-interest loans to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, such as schools, police stations, firehouses and offices.

50,000 Jobs created: The Green Building Fund would stimulate growth and create 50,000 new jobs.

144,000 New Hampshire Voters : With a total of 48 State Representatives supporting Senator Clinton, approximately 144,000 New Hampshire voters are represented by Hillary supporters.

52 Granite State Legislators: The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign recently announced Senator Molly Kelly as the fourth State Senator to endorse Hillary, and last week, State Representatives Paul Hackel of Nashua and David Pierce of Etna also announced their endorsements.

19,240 People Attend New Hampshire Events: Eager New Hampshire voters have been attending Hillary for president events in New Hampshire by the thousands. Over 7,000 people attend the Rallies for Change in Keene, Nashua and Manchester last weekend to hear Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton speak about Hillary’s experience and vision for the country. Also , 200 Seacoast residents attend the Seacoast Media Group’s forum and coverage of their reaction can be read at www.seacoastonline.com/clintonForum
600 Bagels: Hungry for change, Keene residents enjoyed 600 bagels served up by the local Bagelworks at the July 13th Rally for Change with President Bill Clinton.
200 Volunteers: Campaign from volunteers helped with various aspects of the Rallies for Change. From handing out buttons and stickers, to distributing bottles of water, NH for Hillary campaign volunteers helped make the events a success!

12 Club44 Debate Watch House Parties : Hillary supporters throughout the state hosted debate watch parties on Monday, July 23, to cheer on Hillary as she participated in the CNN/You Tube Democratic Presidential Debate.

1 HillCam: Last week, the NH for Hillary campaign was pleased to announce the unveiling of the HillCam that provided fun behind the scenes footage from the “Ready for Change, Ready to Lead” tour. To check out scenes from the trip, please visit www.hillaryclinton.com/nh .

Here’s what some Rally for Change attendees had to say about Hillary’s recent trip to New Hampshire:

"I am a Republican, but I would vote for her.”

Paul Giovannucci of Nashua

“They’re dynamite. Bill is really lucky he married Hillary. There’s no way he could have been president without her. He wouldn’t have gotten that. I’m married and know that you can’t go anywhere without a wife.”

—Christine Fleet of Nashua

“I thought it was great,” she said after the event. “I’m definitely voting for (Hillary).

— Pat Strobel of Keene

“I think she is a strong woman: she has her own agenda and I think he’s going to support her like she supported him.”

—Joan Tezzler
“I think Hillary’s very strong and will do a good job in office.”

—Patty Wood, Peterborough

“Woooow. I’m definitely starstruck."

— Emily Montplaisir, Portsmouth
"I've been politically ambivalent for a long time," said Hendrix. "I think she's got a certain amount of blue sky going on. She's a straight shooter."

—David Hendrix, Portsmouth

"Enthusiasm…optimism…leadership ability. I think it's time we had a woman president.”

—Joanne Lamprey, CEO of Lamprey Oil, North Hampton

"I think she listened to me today and she's on the Armed Services Committee and she will keep her eye on Tricare, I've had a (Clinton) bumper sticker for four months… we really need a protector, and I think we have one now.”

—Barbara Hayes, Portsmouth

"I wanted to make sure that Hillary wasn't all media. I needed to see her in person. She's dynamic, intelligent and she's going to be our next president. Her enthusiasm made me commit to some volunteering. So watch out, neighbors!"

—Susan O'Hara, Eliot, Maine