NH GOP Calls on US Reps Hodes and Shea-Porter to Denounce Shameful Moveon.orgAdvertisement

CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen released the following statement on MoveOn.org’s anti-General Petraeus advertisement in the New York Times:

“The left wing MoveOn and DailyKos crowd that helped elect Reps. Shea-Porter and Hodes has taken over the New Hampshire Democratic party. One can disagree with the administration’s policy in Iraq, but it is outrageous to suggest General Petraeus is a traitor. Petraeus is a West Point grad with a Ph.D. who has dedicated his life to serving our country.”

“I am reminded of Army attorney Joseph Welch’s comment to Sen. Joe McCarthy at the hearings in 1954: ‘You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?’”

“If Rep. Shea-Porter and Hodes have an appropriate sense of decency, they will denounce their MoveOn supporters who have the gall to call General Petraeus a traitor,” said Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. “If Reps. Shea-Porter and Hodes stand by and say nothing, one can only conclude that they agree with their MoveOn friends and consider Petraeus a traitor.”

Hodes And Shea-Porter Have Both Welcomed The Support Of MoveOn.org

MoveOn.org Contributed $5,000 Directly To Hodes’ Campaign. (FederalElection Commission, www.fec.gov, Accessed September 10, 2007)

MoveOn.org Spent $1,749 In Indirect Expenditures Supporting Hodes’ 2006 Congressional Campaign. (Federal Election Commission, www.fec.gov, Accessed September 10, 2007)

Shea-PorterReceived $17,860.51 In Forwarded Earmarked Contributions From MoveOn.org. (Federal Election Commission, www.fec.gov, AccessedSeptember 10, 2007)

Earlier This Year, Shea-Porter Welcomed MoveOn.org Protesters With Open Arms, Serving Them Hot Apple Cider. “Anti-war protesters descended upon Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's downtown office yesterday in a demonstration that couldn't have been more different from similar ones in past months. Last May, six anti-war protesters were arrested for refusing to leave the same office, then occupied by former Rep. Jeb Bradley. Yesterday, protesters were given hot apple cider and welcomed with open arms. . . . ‘For once, instead of sneering and cursing the man inside, we're having a love-in,’ said Jim Sconyers of Dover, who organized yesterday's demonstration through MoveOn.org.” (Clynton Namou, “Anti-War Protesters Greeted With Cider,” Union Leader , January 12, 2007)

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301