NH GOP Celebrates Special Election Victory!

The NH GOP Congratulates David Boutin On His Special Election Victory Yesterday!

"Boutin coasted to victory last night..."- The Union Leader

Republican Dave Boutin beat Democratic candidate David Paquette yesterday by a significant margin, 670 to 388.

"I think it sends a very strong message, this vote was a referendum on the tax-and-spend Democratic Legislature. This election sent a message that the voters of Hooksett and I suspect the whole of New Hampshire will say enough is enough." – David Boutin, R-Hooksett

In the news...NH Democrats Want to Tax, Tax, Tax

Tom Fahey of the Union Leader reports on Democrats efforts to tax us out of the NH Advantage:

Members of the House Ways and Means Committee have their summer assignments: Draft tax bills.

Sales tax, income tax, property tax, businesses tax, luxury tax, beer tax, amusement tax, inheritance tax, second-home tax -- you name it. Oh, and gambling, too. They'll all get the treatment this summer andfall.

Tom Fahey continued that a bill Rep. Susan Almy calls the "Kitchen Sink"

...includes a tax on estates over $3 million, a 3 percent luxury tax on the purchase of cars worth $30,000 or more and on "tangible personal property" worth $10,000 or more; taxes on entertainment, gambling winnings, an expanded tobacco tax, and a payroll tax for businesses with payrolls of $10,000 or more a week. Estimates are that a 1 percent payroll tax would generate nearly $200 million.