NH GOP Declares Democrat Fiscal Irresponsibility

Reps. Paul Hodes, Carol Shea-Porter, And The Democrats Of The 110th Congress Have Spent Their Time Renaming Federal Buildings While Failing Their Most Basic Responsibility To Fund Government Operations

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen: “Congressional approval ratings are at an all-time low for good reason. Democrats in Congress haven’t shown basic competence by funding government operations – instead they’ve played politics with policies that affect our troops and renamed post offices. Representatives Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter have voted to raise your taxes, but can’t fulfill the most basic responsibility of the Congress.”

Hodes And Shea-Porter Have Established A Record Of Fiscal Irresponsibility By Supporting The Largest Tax Increase In U.S. History

Hodes And Shea-Porter Voted To Pass A $2.9 Trillion FY2008 Budget Resolution That Includes The Largest Tax Increase In U.S.History. (S.Con.Res.21, Roll Call Vote #377, Adopted 214 - 209: R0 - 196; D 214 - 13, May 17, 2007, Hodes and Shea-Porter voted Yea)

Now, Hodes, Shea-Porter And Their Democratic Leadership Dropped The Ball On Appropriations Bills – Yet Found The Time To Successfully Rename Dozens Of Post Offices

To Date, The Democrat Leadership Has Failed To Send Any Of The 12 Annual Spending Bills To The President. (The Library Of Congress Website, Thomas.loc.gov, Accessed 09/28/07)

Ø "The problem with this procedure is that CRs cause chaos in executive departments, which can't plan or let contracts in an efficient fashion. And omnibus bills usually get weighed down with pork-barrel spending and barely debated policy changes." (Editorial,"Fiscal Irresponsibility," RollCall , 9/26/07)

Ø (Editorial, "Fiscal Irresponsibility," Roll Call , 9/26/07)

Meanwhile, The 110th CongressHas Passed 35 Public Laws Renaming Post Offices, Federal Buildings,And Parks. (S. 159; H.R. 49; H.R. 335; H.R. 433; H.R. 514; H.R. 577;H.R. 521; H.R. 342; H.R. 544; H.R. 584; H.R. 753; S. 521; H.R. 988; H.R. 414; H.R.437; H.R. 625; H.R. 1402; S. 1352; S. 229; S. 801; H.R. 1260; H.R. 1335; H.R.1384; H.R. 1425; H.R. 1434; H.R. 1617; H.R. 1722; H.R. 2025; H.R. 2077; H.R.2078; H.R. 2127; H.R. 2309; H.R. 2563; H.R. 2570; H.R. 2688)


Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301