NH GOP says ED Amendment Fails due to Gov Lynch Weak Leadership

CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen releases the following statement on the failure of the education funding amendment:

“Governor John Lynch’s weakness as a leader has finally caught up with him. A leader cannot punt on issue after issue and expect people to follow him when the clock is ticking down. For two and a half years Gov. Lynch has not led on issues great or small. He offered no leadership on civil unions. He offered no leadership on mandatory seatbelts. It should surprise no one that when Gov. Lynch finally showed up saying, ‘Follow me!’ he was ignored.”

“This is not about who to blame. I would much prefer to give the Governor credit for helping broker a deal. I am disappointed at the collapse of a reasonable compromise and I have deep concerns about what the court might do in response. Our Republican legislators, led by Mike Whalley, did a great job on this issue. Republicans wanted a solution and were willing to bend to reach a compromise.”