NH GOP says Lynch Budget Breaks the Bank

Facts on the Lynch Budget

  • Increases spending 17.5% from the last biennium’s budget- amounting to about $475 million
  • Inflates revenue by at least $62 million
  • Increases and introduces new taxes, fines, and fees in at least 10 different instances
  • Hurts local property taxpayers by eventually shifting complete responsibility for nursing homes to the county level

The Union Leader On The Democrats’ Spending Spree:


  • Gov.John Lynch's first budget, passed with a Republican Legislature, grew by only 2.28 percent over the previous one. The new budget's rate of growth is roughly seven times larger! And that was with Gov. Lynch urging his party to control spending! . . . How much will this spending spree cost the taxpayers? It's too early to say. But rest assured, getting away with this huge spending hike will embolden them to go even further next time.” (Editorial, “Spending Spree : DemsSplurge, You Pay ,” Union Leader,June 24, 2007)

    Foster’sDaily Democrat:

  • Higher Taxes Are Not The Way To Balance A Budget” (Editorial, Foster’s Daily Democrat, June 27, 2007)
    In Their Own Words:
    Democrats on Lynch’s Budget


Rep. Jessie L. Osborne, Concord Democrat:

  • “This was a last-minute attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the local property taxpayers throughout the state.” (Jessie L.Osborne, Op Ed, “Nursing Home Plan Unfair To Taxpayers,” Concord Monitor, June 26, 2007)


Rep. Paul McEachern, Portsmouth Democrat, On Elder Care In TheBudget:


  • “It is governmental malpractice[.] . . . They think they're doing the right thing, but little do they know that once they do this policy change it will never be undone.” (Meg Heckman, “Reps Threaten To Kill Budget,” Concord Monitor, June 27, 2007)

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