NH Insider and the BNN Influence Index

On July 22nd, as a front-page blogger for NH Insider, Mark Hounsell gained the distinction of becoming the first person to be ranked as New Hampshire’s Most Influential Political Blogger for two consecutive weeks.

Previously, Hounsell had obtained the #1 weekly ranking on May 22,2007. Currently, only Ed Naile, another NH Insider Blogger, and Hounsell have achieved the BNN’s weekly top spot three times. No blogger has received it four times and no blogger has held the #1 ranking for three weeks in a row.

The NH Insider Front-Page bloggers have achieved high rankings consistently since BNN began tracking the data. Andrew Sylvia was ranked #1 on May 20th. Dave Jarvis and Chaz Proulz have both been ranked as high as #2. Richard Barnes has been ranked as high as #3. All of them have been among the top ten bloggers for each week

On May 27th NH Insider Front-Page Bloggers held the top five spots (Hounsell, Naile, Sylvia, Proulx, and Jarvis).

Political blogging in New Hampshire is highly active and competitive with many bloggers vying for the number one position. In order to maintain a top ten position a blogger has to develop a fresh provocative blog frequently in the course of a week.

The weekly rankings are established by Blognetnews.com (BNN) http://www.blognetnews.com/New_Hampshire/influence-index.php?date=current

BNN’s New Hampshire Blogosphere Influence Rating combines a variety of data sets to determine which blogs are most powerfully influencing the direction of the New Hampshire political blogosphere. The exact method BNN uses to calculate influence scores must remain proprietary in order to prevent attempts to game the system. BNN's methodology takes into account the fact that all Internet data is profoundly limited in its reliability by using multiple data sets that, when combined, reveal a fair picture of activity in the blogosphere