NH Women for Obama to Host House Party on Women's Equality Day

Party in Cornish welcomes supporters andundecided voters alike to learn more about Obama and how to get involved withhis campaign for change

MANCHESTER , NH —New Hampshire Women for Obama will hold a house party in Cornish on Sunday to celebrate Women’s Equality Day. August 26, 2007 marks the 87th anniversary of the 19th Amendment,which granted women full voting rights.

Hosts Chris and John Kirkpatrick will open their home to everyone—women and men, supporters and undecided voters—interested in learning more about Barack Obama’s commitmentto women and families, and how to get involved in this grassroots campaign.

What: New Hampshire Women for Obama House Party

When: Sunday, August 26th, from 4:00-6:00 pm

Where: Home of Chris and John Kirkpatrick