NH.BarackObama.com launches MyBO/YouTube responses


Most of you have heard me make mention of the My.BarackObama.com DebateWatch parties held throughout the state for the YouTube/CNN Debate last night. The goal was to get away from the pundits and the spin masters who dominate so much of the post-debate discussion and get to the heart of the reactions of ordinary New Hampshire citizens. This was also our attempt to “close the circuit” using YouTube – the people asked, the candidates answered, but the more important question is what did the people then think about these answers. In our own small way, we tried to capture that at the grassroots level.

The results speak for themselves, and I’d recommend taking a quick glance at http://nh.barackobama.com when you get the chance. If any of you would like more information about the events themselves, or about the My.BarackObama.com online community, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Timothy Foley

Obama for America