NHcafe files response with court to States inability to act

This afternoon Attorney's for the 18 member communities and schools of NHcafe filled a sharp response to the State's response to the Courts order of July 20th. The State requested and was granted the opportunity to file a response after they could review our position. Pleased with the "Good Faith" efforts so far we offered an olive branch.

Our complete position and filing on August 14th can be seen at ourwebsite here http://www.nhcafe.com/blog/?p=799

We, NHCafe, had agreed to drop our case without prejudice if the State would make a good faith effort to cost an Adequate Education, fund it and ensure that there was an appropriate accountability system in place by July 30, 2008. We were deeply dismayed by the State’s response and the Amicus Briefs filed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House that indicated that they were not willing to determine the cost, fund and ensure an accountability system at any time in the foreseeable future. This inability or lack of desire to comply with a series of court rulings over the past 20 years is detrimental to the continued health and viability of the public education system and in turn, the economy of our great state.

Thus, we are pursuing today’s filing and requesting that the court take reasonable and appropriate action to ensure that the costing and funding of an adequate education for all children is done in a reasoned and expeditious process no later that June 30, 2008. It’s time to do the right thing.

For Further Information contact,
Nate Greenberg, Managing Directory NHcafe, Superintendent Londonderry Schools603 432-6920 ext 1103 ngreenberg@londonderry.org

Steve Young, President NHcafe, Londonderry School Board Member 603432-4800


For a text version of our document go to this postinghttp://www.nhcafe.com/blog/?p=805