NHInsider.com Bloggers Join Huffington Post 'Off The Bus' Project

Peterborough, NH: NHInsider.com is pleased to announce that our Front Page Bloggers have been invited to participate in the Huffington Post’s new project called ‘Off The Bus’

To date, two of NHInsider’s Front Page Bloggers have reached agreement to cross-post their Blog articles on the ‘Off The Bus’ project page of the Huffington Post. Jim Rubens has agreed to be a contributor to the project. Brian Lawson has come to terms with Huffington, and will function as a ‘Core Correspondent’ for the project.

Congratulations to all the NHInsider.com Bloggers for this national recognition of your contributions to the political debate.

NHInsider.com is a ‘Multi-Partisan’ website owned and operated by New Hampshire residents. Its charter is to advance the political dialogue by having the views of all sides of the political aisle posted side by side for easy comparison and reference.

Bob DeMaura


25 Tarbell Rd.

Peterborough, NH 03458