Obama Campaign Wraps up Summer Book Clubs with Presentation of Signed First Edition to Nashua Public Library

More than 350 New Hampshire voters read and discussed Dreams from my Father this summer

MANCHESTER , NH—To mark the conclusion of this summer’s From Doubt to Hope book clubs, the hosts of the Nashua book club today presented a signed first edition copy of Dreams from my Father to the Nashua Public Library. Nathaniel and Jeannette Brooks had used the library’s copy in the two book club sessions they hosted in their retirement home. After a participant discovered it was a first edition, book club members had Obama sign the flyleaf during a visit to New Hampshire in August.

The summer book clubs wrapped up this week at the close of 5 sessions. Over the course of the summer, more than 350 undecided voters read and discussed the book.

“As a teacher of American literature, I think 'Dreams From my Father' is one of our great American autobiographies, since Barack Obama struggles with that greatest question, what does it mean to be an American?,” said David Watters, host of the Dover book club. “It was amazing to see how the book spoke to the lives of people who came from very different walks of life. We loved the ways inwhich Obama seemed to listen to and learn from the people around him. We were really touched by the ways he found hope in every stage of his life, and how he decided that being part of a family and a community were more important than chasing wealth and power. Obama is a man who really knows himself, who has a calm, and deep, center. There were some tears left on the pages of this book when we had finished it.”

In addition to weekly group discussions, participants had the opportunity to join conference calls with key figures from Senator Obama’s life. Last week, Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng described her experiences growing up with Barack.

In August, the book club hosts were invited to join Obama at a Nashua Pride baseball game to discuss the program. Michelle Young-Hampe of Laconia described her experience: “What touched me the most,” she said, “is howSenator Obama is able to connect with people. He is open, approachable, and human, which people in the book clubs constantly commented on, and was also very evident while spending time with him at the game.”