OBAMA Returns to NH to Discuss his Plan to End the War

SUNAPEE , NH—Following the latest Senate debate on redeploying our troops from Iraq, Senator Barack Obama returned to New Hampshire today to discuss his plan to end the war. As more Republicans this week announced their opposition to the war, Obama also urged Granite Staters to call on their Senators to join the bipartisan coalition supporting redeployment.

Obama opposed the war from the very start, speaking out against it in 2002 as a candidate for U.S Senate.

“People told me I would lose the election if I opposed the war,” Obama said. “But I believed then, and I still believe that being a leader means that you better do what is right and leave the politics aside because there are no do-overs on an issue as important as war. So you can have confidence that when I’m President, there will be no misguided wars. I’ll have the same judgment on matters of war that I had back in 2002—because that’s what true leadership is.”

Obama has introduced a plan in the Senate that would have already begun removing our troops from Iraq, with the goal of bringing home all of our combat brigades by March 31, 2008.

As dissatisfaction with the war continues to grow, New Hampshire’s Senators have both voiced opposition to the war—but this week both of them voted against a bipartisan effort to end the war.

“You’ve got two Senators who are saying we need change in Iraq, but they aren’t voting that way in Washington,”Obama told the crowd in Sunapee. “Now, I’m glad they’re voicing their beliefs, but we need them to vote their beliefs.

“So I will keep turning up the pressure in Washington. And I urge all of you to do the same. You can do this. You can help bring this war to an end. So call up your Senators, and tell them that if they don’t switch their votes on Iraq, you’ll be switching your votes next November.”

In May, hundreds of Obama volunteers went door to door in communities across the state carrying a petition calling on New Hampshire’s senators to vote to end the war.