Obama to Walk A Day In the Shoes of SEIU Home Care Worker

Sen. Barack Obama will share his experience “walking in the shoes” of SEIU member Pauline Beck Wednesday in Oakland , California . Obama will start the day with an early breakfast at Beck’s house with her family, then will assist her as she cares for her 86 year old client in his home.

At an event open to the press immediately following, Beck and Obama will discuss their time together and what they learned from the experience. Obama is the fourth presidential candidate to accept the invitation to better understand the challenges SEIU workers face each day by spending a day at home and on the job with an SEIU member. To date, Senators Dodd and Edwards and Governor Bill Richardson have participated in the program. Senators Biden and Clinton have also agreed to walk in the shoes of a worker by the end of the summer, as well as Governor Huckabee.

To learn more about the Walk a Day in My Shoes program, please visit www.WalkADayInMyShoes2008.com.


WHO: Senator Barack Obama


Pauline Beck, home care worker and SEIU member


WHEN: Wednesday, August 8, 2007