Results: Drexel Says Obama Wins Debate

Hillary edges out Edwards for Second

PHILADELPHIA ,PA - Hundreds of Drexel students used to choose Barack Obama as the winner of tonight’s debate. As of 11:25pm, Senator Obama led with 45% of the more than 200 votes cast, followed by Senator Clinton with 17% and Senator Edwards with 15%. Throughout the past week, more than 500 Drexel students also voted on which candidate they plan on voting for in the primary, and John Edwards saw the biggest jump from his portion of that poll (5%) to histotal in tonight’s debate poll (15%).

The poll was open to all members of the Drexel community, and each person was permitted to vote only once. The poll will remain open throughout the night. Come back to to get up-to-the-minute results.

“With, students can now finally make their heard and we can get some new insights into what a campus thinks,” said Openvote co-founder ColinVan Ostern, who created the site with a fellow Dartmouth graduate student.

In the Openvote on who Drexel will be voting for in the Democratic and Republican primaries, Obama leads on the Democratic side with 46% of 500 votes and Giuliani leads on the Republican side with 22% of 416 votes. Further results and other polls can be found on the site at

"Students deserve to have their voice heard, but traditional polling relies on home phones and leaves college students out entirely," said Van Ostern."It is amazing that with all the new technology and increased internet access in recent years, up until now there still has been no good way to see what a college campus thinks. Openvote is changing that."

"Openvote allows the world to finally have some insight into what a college campus really thinks - not just about politics, but on everything else college students care about."

Last month, students at Dartmouth College - the site of the last Democratic Debate - declared Hillary Clinton the debate winner through Openvote.

Openvote™, Inc. ( <> )was created by Dartmouth grad students Jason Freedman and Colin Van Ostern as away for students to poll their school, vote, and see what campus thinks - not just about politics but about everything students care about, from classes to parties to hot-button issues at their school. The site is a wholly independent website and is not sponsored or authorized by Drexel University, Dartmouth College, or any other educational institution.