Paul Campaign Release: Manchester Straw Poll Win

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Demonstrating his strength among Granite State conservatives, Ron Paul today won his third consecutive presidential straw poll in New Hampshire, with a commanding 65.9% of the vote.

Hosted by the Manchester GOP and restricted to New Hampshire residents only, the vote put the ten-term Congressman a full 56% ahead of Fred Thompson, his nearest competitor.  Said New Hampshire Coordinator Jared Chicoine, "The grassroots support we're encountering is incredible; obviously, Dr. Paul's message of constitutional government is what New Hampshire voters want to hear."

Today's victory follows similarly decisive showings in the straw polls hosted by the Strafford County GOP and the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.  "Our supporters hear about an opportunity to help the Paul campaign and they jump on it," continued Chicoine.  "Clearly, there is a lot of support for bringing the Republican Party back to the core values that made NewHampshire a GOP stronghold."

Kate Rick
NH Communications Coordinator
Ron Paul 2008