Political Chowder Sunday at 11am on WZMY TV (aka MyTV) Topics: changing primary dates, questionable voting machines and loose nukes

Between opening presents and family dinners on Christmas Day, will you have to find time to vote??? South Carolina changes the Presidential Primary Timetable.

What are the odds that your vote will count? Can NH's Diebold voting machines be trusted? California's Secretary of State decertified their Diebold machines... should we?

How do we keep the next attack against America from being nuclear? What you don't know about loose nukes.

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11am on Political Chowder


Political Chowder with host Arnie Arnesen is New Hampshire 's newest political television show. Tune in Sunday, August 12th, from 11 to Noon EST on MyTV (WZMY-TV – Comcast 18 or Comcast 6 and Dish and DirecTV ).Political Chowder re-airs during the week on 45 public access stations,serving over 90 cities and towns across NH. Check local listings fortimes and dates.

Part One -Talking Politics & Primaries

State Senator Lou D'Allesandro

State Representative David Hess

Part Two -Talking Voting Machines

 Nancy Tobi, Former Chair Democracy for NH
Attorney Paul Twomey
Deputy NH Secretary of State Dave Scanlon

Part Three - The Interview with NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative)

Matthew Bunn - Senior Research Associate in the Project on Managing the Atom in the  Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Carie Lemack founded the non-profit, non-partisan organization Families of September 11.

 Go to www.politicalchowder.com at noon on Sunday for podcast and google video of the program (archive materials available).