Political Chowder with Arnie Arnesen sunday at 11am August 19 on WZMY TV

The Theme this week - dirty little secrets 
Will Jeanne Shaheen end the draft...draft Shaheen that is? Who will bow out of the Senate race and why?  JohnStephen vrs Jeb Bradley - Congressional race redux? Will Huckabee be able to turn his second place finish in Iowa straw poll (a whopping 2,587 votes -sounds like a good number for a Chester primary) into a NH primary coup? Is it a sub prime mortgage crisis or a sub crime crisis? Who else is moving their primary calendar up??? We haven't heard from Guam yet!

Privacy...how passe. Is someone listening in on your conversations? Why did you call your Aunt Tillie visiting in Pakistan seven times yesterday? Nice note from from your sister studying in France. The NSA knows all.

Should we all "drive fast and don't look back" as we drive over NH bridges? So said Commissioner of Transportation Charles O'Leary in 1994. Given the Minnesota I 35 tragedy, was he prescient? What does the Commissioner know about our infrastructure that you don't?

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11am on Political Chowder


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Part One - The Political Roundtable
 Former State Representative turned Lobbyist Rick Newman
Former Supreme Court Justice and former Congressman Chuck Douglas Esq.

Part Two - Roads and Bridges
Former and now Acting Commissioner of the Department of Transportation Charles O'Leary

Part Three - Wiretapping and other Intrusive Tactics of this Administration
New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union Director Claire Ebel

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