Political Chowder with Arnie Arnesen Sunday at 11am September 9 on WZMY TV

The Theme this week - Questioning authority or defending it.
What's happening in Americas classrooms today? Our public school system is wedded to its Prussian roots and an agrarian calendar...not much has changed since 1840 except the kids, the culture, the gadgets, the family, the drugs, the competition...

Defending the Bush administration. An Air Force General travels to a Republican Event in Manchester, NH, to kick some butt, take no prisoners and support the US actions at Abu Ghraib, defend the killings at Haditha, vilify Islam, pave the way for an attack on Iran, you catch the drift. Reactions to a neocon's message.

The Republican Debate at UNH...the big loser? A guy named Fred.

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11am on Political Chowder


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Part One - A modest proposal to help educators and the rest of us

Author, educator and internationally acclaimed educational consultant Jim Grant

Part Two - Republican Candidates debate, A General lays the groundwork for an attack on Iran

LewRockwell.com blogger Jack Kenny
Host of Policy Watch, Joe Briggs
President of Manchester Republicans, Jerry Thibodeau

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