Political Chowder....the Fourth of July edition Sunday on WZMY-TV at 11am

In anticipation of the FOURTH of JULY: Political Chowder provides the Fireworks and  the Food
The State Budget-the numbers change in the last hours of the Legislative Session (winners and losers)
Can County Government count on the State or can they count on being scr_ _ed?
  Vice President Dick Cheney claims he is neither part of the executive branch nor the legislative branch...can the fourth branch of Government be on the horizon? 
Sicko comes to NH, can Michael Moore change the conversation on Health Care?

What does FOX News and the Wall Street Journal have in common?

Polling numbers are in on the rematch Sununu vrs Shaheen
Campaign Finance Reform or Deform-the NH Legislature trys to hide the cash

With China shutting down 180 food manufacturers for toxics...organic growing is sounding better and better.

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11am on Political Chowder


Political Chowder with host Arnie Arnesen is New Hampshire 's newest political television show. Tune in Sunday, July 1, from 11 to Noon EST on MyTV (WZMY-TV – Comcast 18 or Comcast 6 and Dish and DirecTV ). Political Chowder re-airs during the week on 45 public access stations, serving over 90 cities and towns across NH. Check local listings for times and dates.

Part one: The Week in Rewind
The Talkers (the political fireworks)
NH Business Review' Editor Jeff Feingold
State Representative Fran Wendleboe
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy President Charlie Arnlinghaus
State Senator Jackie Cilley

Part two: Monsanto-NOT (the food)
Everything you wanted to know about organic food, the politics of organic and the Farm Bill
Nancy Hirshberg, Stonyfield Yogurt Vice President
Larry Pletcher, Organic Farmer, former President of NOFA-NH 
 Holly Givens, Organic Trade Association, Public Affairs

 Go to www.politicalchowder.com at noon on Sunday for podcasts and google video of the program (archive materials available).