Rep Kucinich names NH campaign director

(Dover N.H.) - Susan Bruce, a political activist, grassroots organizer and social justice advocate has been named New Hampshire campaign director for Ohio Congressman and Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. "I have worked on social justice issues for years; in communities and at the state level. This is a real opportunity to bring the issues that most concern the people of NH to the national level," said Bruce, a resident of Jackson, NH.

Recently hired national manager for the Kucinich presidential campaign Michael Klien notified New Hampshire Kucinich supporters and volunteers, "After evaluating what exists in NH it appears we have a massive amount of popular grassroots and volunteer support but we need a more coordinated organization and a strong, experienced leader. I've asked Susan Bruce to be our NH Campaign Coordinator. We are confident that with all of your help, Susan will help us lead New Hampshire to a Kucinich victory."

Susan said, "After years of working in the non-profit sector, even before my work with the Clamshell Alliance in 1984, I feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to work for a presidential candidate like Dennis Kucinich who shares my values and priorities. Because of my social justice activism, other than my campaign for the NH Legislature in 2002, I never considered politics as a course for me. Believe me; meeting Dennis Kucinich changed all that."

As an editorial columnist for 10 years and an active member of the Carroll County Democrats, recipient of their 2003 Paul Wellstone Award for organizing, Bruce is confident she can bring together the progressive grassroots efforts in NH. "My challenge is to combine what I know about grassroots politics with some traditional campaign structure, and develop a creative campaign unlike any other." She added, "Congressman Kucinich is a unique candidate. We'll never have the corporate money that some of the other candidates have. I'll never have a huge staff or an office in every town. What we do have is a message and a candidate that resonates with everyone."

"I am grateful to all of those who have worked so hard to kick off the Kucinich campaign in NH and I know this sends a signal that NH is important to the Kucinich campaign." Bruce added, "Talking to the candidates is what NH voters expect and what helps them decide who to vote for; we can expect an increase in candidate visibility and campaign activity very soon!" In the restructuring of the campaign Chris Collier will remain as the New Hampshire< Kucinich for President Communications Director."

Klein will be in New Hampshire next week with Kucinich national volunteer and fundraising coordinator Vin Gopal to meet with Bruce and Collier.

For more information contact:
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NH Kucinich Communication
National Campaign HQ
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