Richardson Calls for Energy Revolution and All Troops Out of Iraq

SANTA FE, NM -- Democratic Presidential candidate New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was the keynote speaker last night at the Utah Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Salt Lake City. Governor Richardson set forth his bold vision for getting our troops out of Iraq, making the United States energy independent, and putting Western values in the White House.

"In the west, we have a special spirit that embodies and reflects the unique part of the country in which we have chosen to live," said Governor Richardson. "I want to make the west -- with its abundant wind, sunshine and open space -- the birthplace of a renewable industry that will create thousands of good paying jobs and make this nation energy independent."

Governor Richardson continued to push his plan to bring all of our troops home within six months by ending this war now -- the strongest, clearest, most decisive plan for Iraq of any candidate in the race.

"It is time to bring our men and women home. Every one of them," said Governor Richardson. "Only when the United States makes it clear that we are leaving, and that we will no longer put our troops in the middle of someone else's civil war, will the Sunni, Shia, and Kurds be able to come together to begin the process of stabilizing Iraq."

Governor Richardson also laid out his plan for energy independence, which the Sierra Club called much more aggressive than that of any other candidate for President.

"I'm calling for a New American Revolution -- an energy and climate revolution," said Governor Richardson. "Within twelve years, my plan would reduce global warming pollution by 20 percent, lower demand for foreign oil by 50 percent, and push fuel economy standards to 50 miles per gallon. By the year 2040, my plan would require that 50 percent of our electricity be generated from renewable resources like wind and solar, and would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent."