Richardson for President - NH Campaign Schedule for October 20th and 21st

Manchester,NH – Governor Bill Richardson and First Lady Barbara Richardson will campaign together in New Hampshire this weekend, with joint events in North Hampton on Saturday and Bedford on Sunday.

Governor Richardson will also campaign in Durham, Manchester, Pelham, Hollis, Rindge and Keene.  Barbara Richardson will hold events in Exeter, Salem, Concord and Manchester.   

Bill Richardson continues to outwork the other presidential candidates in the Granite State.  Since July, the Governor has held 58 “Presidential Job Interviews” and other public events across New Hampshire, more than any other Democratic candidate.  






Saturday,October 20th



When: 10:00 AM (Doors Open 9:30 AM)
What: Durham “Presidential Job Interview”
Where: Home of Denise Sassaman, Durham



When: 5:00 PM (Doors Open 4:30 PM)
What: Meet and Greet


Where: J.W. Hill Restaurant, 795 Elm St., Manchester



Sunday,October 21st



When:8:30 AM


What: Alicia’s Diner
Where: 116 Bridge St., Pelham


When: 1:30 PM (Doors Open 2:00 PM)
What:  Hollis “Presidential Job Interview”


Where: Home of Dr. Robert Oot and Dr. Carol Robey,  Hollis



When: 4:00 PM (Doors Open 3:30)


What: Franklin Pierce University “Presidential Job Interview”


Where: Pierce Hall, 40 University Drive, Rindge 



When:6:00 PM (Doors Open 5:30)


What: Set America Free “Primary Energy: ’08 Series”


Where: Mabel Brown Room, Keene State College, 229 Main St., Keene





Saturday,October 20th



When:10:00 AM


What: Retirement Community Visit


Where: 7 Riverwoods Dr., Exeter



When:1:15 PM (Doors Open 12:45 PM)


What: North Hampton “Presidential Job Interview” with Governor Richardson
Where: Home of Patty O’Connor,  North Hampton



When: 4:00 PM (Doors Open 3:30 PM)


What: Meet and Greet 
Where: Home of Lexi Roth,  Salem



Sunday,October 21th



When:12:00 PM (Doors Open 11:30 AM)


What: Bedford “Presidential Job Interview” with Governor Richardson
Where: Home of Carolyn Richmond,  Bedford



When: 2:00 PM (Doors Open 1:30 PM)


What:Women’s Advocacy Reception
Where: 18 Low Ave., Concord – 2nd Floor Lobby



When: 4:30 PM (Doors Open 4:00 PM)


What: Meet and Greet
Where: Franco-American Centre, 52 Concord St, Manchester